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The World's Best Medical Websites

Eli Finkelstein, MD PhD 1/13/09

Abstract: ( An evaluation of the most worlds best English language medical websites is provided. Websites were evaluated on the objective criteria of popularity, completeness, and the subjective impressions of ease of navigation, and extent of drug company advertising.

     The amount of information available through search engines can be both overwhelming and intimidating. The problem can be especially bad for someone trying to research medical problems, conditions, or treatment. It has been estimated that 5% of all searches on the internet are related to health JAMA 2004.  With all the information that is available, how can one sort through the sheer volume of information and advertising , to find authoritative information? ForUsDocs has evaluated medical websites on criteria of popularity, completeness, ease of navigation, and absence of drug company advertisements. We also make specific recommendations for consumers, patients,  doctors, and other healthcare providers.



The below tables have compiled the most popular english language medical websites in the world. Daily visits were compiled in 2008 using data from Alexa and statbrain. The table indicates which resources are free and which charge for a subscription. We list the 20 most popular websites, followed by some less popular but highly influential sites.


The Worlds Most Popular Medical Websites

Site Visits per Day Description Link
NIH 2,378,000 National Institutes Of Health Website (Alexa Rank 345)
National Library Of Medicine 2,374,000 World's Largest Medical Library. Free Online Search
PubMedCentral 2,313,000 (NIH) Digital Archive Of The World's Free Biomedical Literature
WebMD 583,000 Health Resource For Healthcare Providers and Consumers. Free
Medicine.Net 371,000 Health Resource For Consumers (WebMD)
Walgreens 349,000 Walgreens Pharmacy Consumer Website
MedScape 129,000 Free CME Resource For Physicians (WebMD)
Emedicine 127,000 Online Medical Textbook, Free (WebMD)
Centers For Disease Control 126,000 US Gov Resource For ID, occupational health. Includes MMWR 124,000 Online Medication Information For Consumers
World Health Organization 124,000 United Nations Public Health Arm
Weight Watchers 119,000 Weight Watchers Diet Website
HealthGrades 117,000 Rates Health Providers (hospitals, doctors, nursing homes) $
Mayo Clinic 116,000 Consumer Mayo Clinic Site
British Medical Journal 105,000 British Medical Journal. Free
New England Journal Medicine 100,000 Weekly US Medical Journal. Free Online After 6 Months
Healthline 99,000 Health Information Search Engine
Everyday Health 96,600 Consumer Health resources And Personalized Health Tools
FamilyDoctor 96,500 Consumer Site Of American Academy Family Physicians
Am Academy Family Phys 80,217 Professional Site Of American Academy Family Physicians
US Hospital Comparisons  49,000 Official US gov site that rates hospitals and lists prices (Free)
American Medical Association 48,000 American Medical Association. Includes JAMA
UK National Health Service 46,000 UK National Health Service Portal


Less Visited, But Still Important      
Site Visits per Day Description Link
UpToDate 9,550 Subscription Based Clinical Resource For Physicians
American Dental Association 9,550 ADA website
Lancet 9,289 United Kingdom Medical Journal Subscription Only
Cochrane Collaboration 9,149 Nonprofit Independent Reviews On Evidence Based Medicine
Am Academy Of Pediatrics 8,740 American Academy Of Pediatrics Website
Epocrates 8,502 Free Mobile PDA Drug Guide
Am Society Of Plastic Surgeons 8,373 American Society Of Plastic Surgeons
American College Of Physicians 7,664 Internal Medicine Society Website
American College Of Radiology 7,015 ACR website
Amedeo 3,634 Free Weekly Medical Literature Reviews, by subject
Am Soc of Clinical Oncology 3,710 American Society Of Clinical Oncology
Am Urological Association 3,327 American Urological Association
Amer Cancer Society Journal 3,285 CA: A Cancer Journal For Clinicians.  Free
Am College  Obstetrics & Gyn 3,023 American College Of Obstetrics & Gynecology
American Podiatric Association 2,899 APMA Website
Sermo 2,165 US Online Physician Community
MerckMedicus 2,120 Merck Site with free Merck Manuals, Textbooks, photos
American College Of Surgeons 2,047 Scientific And Educational Association Of Surgeons
Am Ostopathic Association 1,952 AOA Website
American Nurses Association 1,749 American Nursing Association
Partners For Prescript Assistance 970 Helps patients find private and gov prescription assistance